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More Chicken Safety Tips

Handling chicken can be tricky sometimes, but doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are even more chicken safety tips for you to make your cooking experience a happy and safe one.

What about Stuffed Chickens?

The Hotline from the FSIS doesn’t recommend buying those fresh whole chickens that are stuffed. Here’s the reason: Previously stuffed items before cooking are highly perishable. And if you are planning to “pre-stuff” a chicken or turkey to cook later, resist the impulse. It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. However, you CAN stuff a whole chicken right before you pop it in the oven.

Now, there are some products out there that are frozen stuffed whole chickens or turkeys and have been inspected by the USDA. These items absolutely have to be cooked from the frozen state to make sure you have cooked it properly and safely. They will have preparation directions on the package, so make sure you follow them to the letter.

Marinating Chicken

We love marinated barbequed chicken soups in our family. You can marinate your fresh chicken for up to 2 days in the refrigerator . If you plan on using the excess marinade when bbq-ing, just boil the marinade first before brushing it on the cooking chicken. And absolutely throw out any leftover marinade. It shouldn’t be used again.

Partially Cooked Chicken

It’s never a good idea to brown chicken halfway and then refrigerate it to finish cooking it later. Any bacteria present wouldn’t be destroyed. However, you can partially cook it in the oven or in your microwave if you intend to finish cooking it on a grill or BBQ right away. That works and keeps the chicken cooking safely.

Finally, cooking whole chickens safely you need to cook it to 180 degrees F. You can measure the temperature using a food thermometer.

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