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How to Thicken Potato Soup

Potato soup is thick naturally but if you would like a more creamy texture to your soup, you may want to add a few different things that will help it to become more creamy and thick than it was. First of all, cook your potatoes in smaller pieces so that you can create a thickening effect naturally as the potatoes begin to come apart and the starch starts to thicken them.

If you want your soup more creamy, use a blender or food processor in order to cream up the remaining potato pieces in the soup so that it is a great deal thicker than it was. You might also try some additional add in methods and materials that will help to make your potato soup thicker than it is to begin with.

One such add in is cheese. As the cheese begins to melt it will thicken the soup naturally as well as give it a delightful taste that you simply cannot help love. In addition to cheese to thicken your soup, you might want to try a small amount of corn starch mixed with water, much as you would thicken gravy or other sauce. Once you have gotten the thickness and texture done, as you want it accomplished you will then test it and adjust to your own particular tastes. You might also use flour and water, which tends to give a more thick texture but does not offer the same creamy kind that corn starch, will offer you.

Adding an Aromatic Touch to Potato Soup Recipes

Potatoes are versatile and that means you can make all kinds of potato soup recipes, ranging from mild, delicate ones right up to bold, spicy ones. If you want to make something aromatic and elegant, perhaps for a dinner party or similar gathering, this is very simple. You might like to make a simple soup with an elaborate garnish, a complex soup with a simple garnish or come up with your own creation.

Using fresh herbs is always a great way to add aromatic flavors to homemade potato soup recipes, and you can choose from thyme, rosemary, basil, parsley, cilantro and others. Sometimes just using one variety works well and other times you might like to use a blend of fresh herbs. Use special herb-scissors for the best results. These are more gentle than kitchen shears.

Using Spices in Potato Soup

Not only is potato soup delicious with fresh herbs but it is wonderful with spices too. This does not mean you have to make it really spicy, but you can add flavor by adding a pinch of ground spice. If you are making sweet potato soup, you can add cinnamon and nutmeg as well as the cream or sugar. If you are making a mixed vegetable soup then you have plenty of scope and can choose from paprika, chili powder, mace, cayenne pepper and more.

Many soup recipes feature salt and black pepper already but adding a pinch of your favorite spice can add even more flavor. You can grind your own spices or use ready-ground ones. Some spices are in the form of seeds and others are in the form of powders. Different herbs and spices go with different types of potato soup. If you are making a fish and potato soup, you might like to use parsley and dill for example.

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