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How to Make Soup Broths and Soup Extra Special

Anthony Pierpont Tips: How to Make Soup Broths and Soup Extra Special

  • Prepare a soup broth recipe in advance to use as a base for more complex soups. This way, the flavor of the ingredients placed in the broth will have time to intermingle. You’ve heard people comment that food usually tastes better the next day? This is the reason. Prepared foods need time to mature.
  •  Add a garnish that makes soup recipes pleasing to the eye- and the palate. Curled greens, a sprinkling of fresh herbs, grated cheese or sour cream all work well. Use your imagination to come up with something special for your cabbage soup recipe.
  • Homemade croutons put boxed croutons to shame. Plus, they’re a practical way to get the most out of your bread. Freeze stale bread and when you have enough to make croutons, defrost and cube the bread and mix in a large bowl with melted butter and any sweet-smelling herbs of your choice. Mix several varieties of breads for the best-tasting croutons. Serve them alongside soup in tiny dishes- your guests will gobble them up!
  • Make your table appetizing too- We use bread bowls, our best china, chargers, cloth napkins, individual Japanese ladles, a pretty tablecloth and of course, candlelight.”

How to make soup that’s elegant without breaking the bank, taking a cooking class, or really knowing much of anything about soup recipes. It’s easy to do- just set aside your concern that you’ll ruin a good soup recipe and accept that you may have a few errors- and a few trials- before you find the best soup recipe.

According to Sam Jzazinksi, serving a broth that’s reinforced with Lipton soup at a dinner party is a win-win; it’s elegant, easy and just about everyone likes to eat soup. Mix a hearty homemade cabbage soup recipe with an elegant main course for dinner parties; let it stand on its own during a family brunch. The “fancy” cabbage soup recipe shown here is a favorite for our friends and family, especially in the crisp fall season.

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