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How to Make Memorable Potato Soup Recipes

Although potato soup is one of the most basic soup recipes you can make, it pays to learn how to make your potato soup memorable for all the right reasons. Just like with any other soup recipe, the end result will depend on the quality of ingredients you used and the care you took while preparing the soup.

If you are making a pureed soup, you can chop the vegetables coarsely because everything is going to be blended. If you are making a chunky potato soup recipe, you should take a bit more care, ensuring the veggies are chopped into evenly sized pieces.

Ingredients and Presentation

You can adapt some potato soup recipes but classic ones should be made as they are written. An example of one you could adapt would be potato and mixed vegetable soup. If the recipe calls for potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, stock, and seasonings, you might want to swap the carrots for parsnips or swap the broccoli for zucchini. This is unlikely to make the soup any less appealing.

If you are making a traditional recipe for vichyssoise, switching the homemade chicken broth for canned, swapping the heavy cream for Half & Half or substituting instant mashed potato granules for real potatoes is going to give you a potato soup with the consistency and flavor of wallpaper paste, rather than the elegant soup you had in mind.

Potato Soup that People Will Remember

Homemade soup is a real comfort food and the best way to ensure your potato soups are memorable is to make it with the diners in mind. Do your kids love hot, creamy soups? Then you might like to make a delicious creamy potato soup recipe. Are you catering for a dinner party? If so, an elegant chilled potato soup might fit the bill.

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